Sponsorship Benefits

We are grateful to the current and past sponsors for their contribution (in kind/ Cash) and for staying with us over the journey of the last 15 years. Chapter's growth and progress would not have been possible without their support.

Following are some of the great benefits that sponsors can receive by having an association with the Chapter.

Tailored sponsorship approach - cash or in-kind

Some really great reasons for associating with our chapter

  • Brand visibility to a direct and indirect audience of more than 5000 persons across Australia, New Zealand and India.
  • Continuos visibility round the year across 36 professional events, 12 social events and 1 marquee event.
  • Sponsor logos in all our newsletters, professional publications, events (online + offline)
  • Target audience profile: educated, influencial, consistently in top quartile of Australia's socio-economic group.
  • Invitation to Chapter's events and forum to make formal/ informal presentations